All Pro LSW -1 Racing Heads

Our race winning cylinder head program stands at the fore front of port design technology. The All Pro LSW head set the bar with a whopping 410 cfm of intake airflow and 260cfm of exhaust flow. This 12° head is a hardcore cylinder head built to hold up to severe duty in both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications. Extra material surrounds the intake and exhaust ports to insure that plenty of wall thickness is left after CNC machining. These robust castings are available with a 6 bolt head bolt pattern and also have a 3/4" thick deck for a superior head gasket seal. Both LSX and Warhawk bolt patterns are available.

The reinforced rocker bosses include large 7/16" bolt holes and are staggered drilled for rocker stand stability. The LSW heads readily accept 1.625" diameter valve springs and coupled with Jesel or T&D rocker systems provide reliable operation beyond 8000 rpms. They also have factory located intake and exhaust bolt holes to accept all LS7 style manifolding combinations.

Currently we offer the LSW heads with a 285cc intake port volume and a 108cc exhaust port volume. Two combustion chamber programs will finish the chambers at 64cc or 69cc depending on application. Milling can adjust the final chamber size to your desired volume. We recommend a nominal bore size of 4.125" be use with the LSW heads. Available valve sizes are 2.200" intake and 1.600" exhaust. Valve choices are stainless steel, titanium and inconel and the costs will vary depending on material and application.


New Racing head for GM LS engines!

All Pro LSW-2 Race head -
West Coast Cylinder Heads is pleased to announce the introduction of our latest racing head developed for Chevrolet LS series engines. Inspired by our highly successful -1 head we have taken performance to a new level. The new -2 head design is based on the factory LS7's 12 valve angle and the same valve locations as our current -1 head. Extensive port and chamber development has allowed us to deliver an intake port with peak flow rates north of 440cfm making the new -2 head ideal for large displacement applications.

An evolutionary design-
All Pro has nearly fit the new -2 head into the same physical envelope as the factory LS7 head with the exception of the .200" raised LS center bolt valve cover rail. This means they'll fit late model engine bays with near factory clearance. Intake port locations are based on our in house design while retaining GM's C5R intake manifold bolt pattern. The exhaust ports are shifted on center with the exhaust guide and the -2 head has a unique 8 bolt header flange pattern.
The 6 head bolt holes per cylinder create a positive clamp on head gaskets and the nearly .900" thick deck provides substantial support for head gasket sealing. All -2 head castings are treated with a HIP process (as are all -1 heads).

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330cc intake port flows over 440cfm!
47cc combustion chambers allow high compression ratios with no piston domes.
CHE Precision rocker arms
CHE Precision rocker arms are a premium upgrade to the factory GM units. Their unique trunnions retain the stock geometry while eliminating the caged needles of the factory bearings. No more scattered needles when a bearing cage breaks apart! CHE replaces the needle bearings with a bronze alloy busing and hardened steel shaft and they add heavy duty locking clips. They have retained all the excellent qualities of the factory rockers, low polar mass yet stiff. Correct geometry for smooth valve action at high rpms. CHE rockers have been Spintron tested and proven stable to 10,000 rpms.